Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday weekend

So... sadly, I didn't get the chance to take pictures of all the delicious food that was scarfed down at our Thanksgiving this year. Too busy cooking and mingling to bother!!! But, I would have to say the dinner was a success!!  Smoked turkey, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, butternut squash casserole, crescent rolls, green beans, stuffing and apple crisp for dessert!! It was nice to spend the evening with so many people, and it was so much fun!!!

Friday was the annual Turkey Day Bowl for Jay and his friends.  They all get together and play flag football against another team the day after Thanksgiving... mostly for fun but it gets a little competitive. This year I was the only cheerleader on the sidelines for the boys (most of them I know now). So I got to cheer and yell. Lots of fun! Jay's team won... which made the fact that they were all sore and tired afterward that much better.

Saturday was a lazy day.  We ran some errands, ate lunch downtown and vegged out on the couch for most of the afternoon.  Dinner was cooked by Jay's mom. Tasty and delicious! And just added to the massive quantities of food that was eaten.

Sunday, unfortunately... was my sick day. I got the flu! Which is part of the reason why this post is so late in coming. Sunday and Monday, I was down for the count. Luckily, my personal nurse (Jay) went out and got me saltines and ginger ale in order to aid in my getting better. I am not back to 100% - but I am certainly no longer dying on the couch. I will try to make up for the lack of posts and lack of pictures soon!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday season begins

Starting tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I know its a day early, but lets face it, I will not be blogging tomorrow, I will be eating.  Food!!! This year's Thanksgiving meal will be a bit different from the last 4 or 5... or so. Usually its just my mom, baby brother and I.  This year its going to be the three of us, PLUS... baby bro's girlfriend and her dad, and Jay and his mom. A full family get together. It should be a lot of fun. The menu (pictures will be posted if I can take them before everything gets eaten) is as follows: smoked turkey, butternut squash casserole, green beans and asparagus, pumpkin bread, rolls, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and apple crisp for dessert. I am contributing the casserole, mashed potatoes, pumpkin bread and apple crisp. I have never made butternut squash casserole, so I am hoping it turns out well!! What's on your menu? Anything special? Or new?
This year, I feel that I have a lot to be thankful for. Great family, great friends, and people who support and love me regardless. I have dance, cooking, and my pretty kitties. I have my health (even with my broken foot earlier this year - it could have been so much worse). I have food to eat and contribute to our meal. I have so much, and hope that everyone has something to be thankful for in their lives. Enjoy your holiday!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Could you imagine...

...the horror if you got into the wrong line?


Safe Travel Wishes

Heather leaves today on her worldwide travel adventure. I am sad, excited and a little jealous. I can't wait to hear all her stories and see her pictures... traveling abroad was such an awesome experience for me, that I can't wait for her to have the same pride, self-confidence and amazing stories to share. Best of luck, my amazing friend. It has been 4 1/2 years since we first moved in together (by sheer dumb luck we haven't killed each other yet!).  I will miss you!!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Busy weekend

It was indeed, a busy weekend.  It was kicked off by a nice, relaxing, homecooked meal made FOR me, by my amazing man. We headed out after to throw back a few drinks with Jay's friends in celebration of one of their birthdays. Drinks and laughter are always a good combo.

Saturday was a jam-packed day... we started it out with seeing the new HARRY POTTER movie in the afternoon.
Heather, Jay, baby brother, Stacey, her hubby and I all trekked downtown to see the movie. We were expecting long lines and a crazy amount of people, but we were lucky and got to step right into the theater and pick our seats!!!

After the movie, we all headed our separate directions... Stacey and her hubby went home to rally for a night out. Heather got ready for dinner and the night out, and I cooked dinner for Jay and I. Another homecooked meal for the weekend!!
Saturday night was a gathering of friends to send off Miss Heather as she leaves on her world adventure. She leaves tomorrow... but I managed to capture a few shots to commemorate her departure....

Sunday was spent recuperating and watching football! But... Jay and I also got together with a bunch of his friends to watch the MLS Cup Final. It was a battle between FC Dallas and the Colorado Rapids!!! Since Jay and I have gone to a couple games this season and really enjoy watching soccer... it was a fun time. And a great game to watch.
Connor Casey was the bomb!
It came down overtime, two 15 minute halves. The Rapids scored and somehow managed to hold off Dallas-
Rapids Win!!

- and became the 2010 MLS Cup Champions! Hooray Rapids!! It was a great way to end the weekend... now for a short week and a tasty holiday break....

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Date Nights!

This week, I got to have not one... but two date nights!! Hooray! Tuesday night is my normal "girls night/date night" and this week it was extra fun.  First of all, its the very last girls night/date night that Heather will be around for since she leaves next Tuesday to start her whirlwind travel adventure! Exciting and sad all at the same time.  So, Tuesday consisted of Stacey bringing over the beer (yum) and me cooking up some spicy stir-fry! (extra yum). The three of us then headed off into the cold wintery night to see "Morning Glory"
It was a GREAT girly chick flick and a great way to spend the cold, drizzly night with friends!

Last night, Hump Day... :) I got to have date night with my number one man, boyfriend Jay. We usually do not see each other during the week as we both have lots to do and not a lot of nights to do it in.  Last night was an exception and I loved it! I had him over for a homecooked meal...not like the boy wouldn't eat anything you put down in front of him, but I like to cook and I like to cook tasty things... so this was on the menu:
Homemade calzones!

Apple pockets
I made calzones for dinner, which are super easy, but I was out of practice since I hadn't made them in a really long time.  They weren't the prettiest to look at but they were really tasty. For dessert I tried out a totally new recipe for apple gallettes/pockets. (I call them pockets because there was so much extra dough it looked like a little pocket once I had folded them all up).  The dessert was tasty, but the next time I make it, it will definitely need more sugar. Both in the pastry dough and in the apples themselves.  But still, I heard no complaints from the peanut gallery. :) After dinner was snuggle time in front of the tv with a fun, action packed movie. All in all it was a great night and its been a great week so far. Looking forward to the weekend...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Zoo Day!!!!

Should be a national holiday or something. Seriously. A free day at the zoo. Fantastico! Saturday was a free day at the Denver Zoo, so Heather, Stacey, Jay and I dressed warm and hoped the crowds would stay away.  Mostly they did. And, boy, were we glad! We got to see the new baby giraffe, four baby tigers (they looked like huge fluffy Gus - my kitty) and so much more. Everyone had their favorite animal... but we tried to see everything! It was a fun day!!
Gah! its a snake!
My favorite!!
Its an orange Gus!
Baby Giraffe had lots of energy...

Some cat play fighting, so cute!

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Birthday Celebration

As you know, my baby brother turned 21 on Friday... so we took him out to celebrate. Started with a family-ish dinner with my mom, brother, brother's girlfriend, and boyfriend Jay. We went to this crazy little place where you could order piles and piles of seafood! Yummy...
Bag o' crawfish



My tutorial on how to eat a crawfish

We gonna eat you, crab!

The damage...
It was a great way to start the night! Spicy seafood, tasty beer and good company. I just hope baby brother enjoyed  himself as well. There was more drinking involved (it was his 21st after all) so we headed out downtown.
Baby bro's first shot of the night!
Another shot for the birthday boy!
ll in all it seemed to be a fun night. :) Looking forward to hangin' out with brother "grown-up" style from now on!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Brother!!!!

21 years ago today, November 12, 1989, my baby brother was born.  It snowed that day. A lot. I remember waking up and my parents being gone and my grandma in the kitchen. I remember when we drove over to the hospital so I could see my mom and my brand new baby brother. He was so tiny, and cute, and tiny. Did I mention how small he used to be? Tiny. I was in Kindergarten at the time. So for show and tell, I got to bring in my cute, adorable little baby brother in to show everyone. He was so stinking cute.

Now, he is 21 years old. And that makes me feel old. It really does. But it also amazes me at how quickly time flies and how you can literally watch someone grow up. Six years is a pretty big age difference, and when we were younger, it was awful. As we have gotten older, my brother and I have grown closer. And I love it. And him. So here is to you, baby brother. Happy Birthday! I look forward to celebrating many more.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Comfort Food

This is what I saw on my way to work this morning...
 Cold, wet, snowy-ness. I really don't mind since walking to work requires no vehicle manipulation at all... but weren't we just having 70 degree weather?  Goodbye summer, hello winter?  Where did fall go? Luckily, with the cold weather brings cold weather comfort food!!!! For example, all day yesterday I had my crock pot out and cooking some yummy, nummy, chili! My whole place smelled warm and spicy when I got home. This is what I had for dinner!
I am looking forward to cooking all sorts of yummy comfort food in my awesome crock pot (thanks Dad).  The weather is practically demanding it!!! Who am I to argue with the weather... more comfort food to come!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday

I imagine the title above being read like one of those monster truck announcers. I am not really sure why. But it works in my head and makes me laugh a little.  Laughing is good, especially on a Wednesday. Hump day. Half way through the work week. This Wednesday, I woke up to a fine dusting of snow on the ground and a hard layer of frost on all the cars. Luckily I don't have to take the time to scrape off the car to drive to work. Hooray for living downtown!  But, it was definitely a winter coat, hat and scarf type of morning. Since I don't have to drive in it, I love it!!!

Although...I am not sure how I feel about snow quite yet. Cold, yes. Snow... not so much.

A picture from one of last year's first snows...
Last night was a warm snuggly kind of night, Stacey came over and Heather was there and the three of us hunkered down with a tasty dinner (salsa chicken and garlic boiled potatoes) and the movie, "Love Actually". Great times all around!!! It was the first "official" girls night for Stacey and I, and one of the last for Heather and I as she leaves in 2 weeks!
Somehow last night, the talk turned to "Titanic". Ummm, flashback to 8th grade!!! Gah! I remember seeing that movie in the theaters. Our school dance at the end of that year was themed as "Titanic".  I never thought I would watch it again, but the movie has just snuck itself onto the movie watching list for future girl's nights.  We'll see how that goes. :D

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Feis 2010 - Loveland, CO

First up, all the pictures here are from stacey... she handed over her camera to Jay and left him to take pictures while the two of us tore up the dancing floor. :) It was a good day for Bennett dancers and a GREAT day for Stacey and I. Jay voluntarily drove the two of us up to Loveland... which let us put up our feet and chill so we were ready for competition.
Game face on!
Results of the day:
1st: Light Jig (moved to Prizewinner!)
2nd: Single Jig
3rd: Reel, Double Jig and Hornpipe
4th: Slip Jig
6th: tied with 4 other Bennett dancers in the Tipping Reel special!
Crossing like a mad fiend!

       Love these girls!! Me, Stacey and Nikki!!!

Tipping Reel was good for Bennett girls!!!
It was a looong day, and the feis ran way behind. But at the end of it all, we had a blast and everyone came away with some really good results and positive feelings. I couldn't have asked for a better day to compete!!