Friday, December 13, 2013

Nutcracker and dance girls

This year, for our Christmas gift, Julie bought tickets for Stacey, myself and Julie to head to the Nutcracker!!! I haven't been to the ballet since I was a little kid...but I love, love, love watching Center Stage, Breaking Pointe and any other ballet movies and shows. Add in the fact that I dance...means I have a greater appreciation for ballet. It was amazing!!

parade of lights

Every year, in downtown Denver, is the Parade of Lights. A nighttime, highly lit up parade. This year, Jay and I volunteered to help was soooooooooo cold. Fun, but chaotic. I don't believe we will be helping out again...

Book of Mormon

For Jay's birthday present (in September) I managed to snag tickets to the Book of Mormon when they went on sale in June...for November. Confused yet? Anyway, about a week before Thanksgiving, Jay and I headed out for a date night! Dinner, drinks and the show! 
It was awesome!!! 

Beautiful light

A few pics of the gorgeous sky in December


I have been terrible in updating during this holiday season. It's just gone by so fast! However... Here we go!

So, for Thanksgiving Jay and I headed down to Abilene, Texas with his dad and step-mom to visit his Aunt Jean and Uncle Bill. If you remember at all, this is the same Aunt and Uncle we visited in Montana and last year in Texas. 

It was great to see Bill and Jean, despite the reason for the trip not being the happiest one...but on the plus side, we reconnected with Jay's cousin and her family!

Since it wasn't a pleasure trip, I didnt take a ton of pictures, but if did get some great sunset shots...