Friday, October 18, 2013

Perfect pumpkin picking

What do you do to cap off a weekend of beer? Go pumpkin picking!! Jay, Stacey and I headed out to the pumpkin patch after a breakfast at Denver Biscuit Co. Yum!
It was a beautiful day for pumpkins!
We will be carving pumpkins tomorrow at Julie's fall party. Pictures for stay tuned!

GABF 2013! It's beer season

Last weekend was the Great American Beer Festival. It is one of my favorite times of the year! Not only is it some of the best craft brews in the U.S., but it's also my anniversary with Jay! 4 YEARS AND AN ENGAGEMENT! 

Anyway, the weekend was great. Beers, great friends and soooo many people! Stacey rejoined our team this year, and Pontus got to join in the melee.  Merrit even made an appearance... It was awesome!!
Pictures of the weekend:
See you next beer!!!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Playing catch up

So, I have been horrible about blogging lately. No specific reason...except where in the world did this year go? Seriously? 

So to start: the beginning of September meant a feis! It was the first feis with all new steps. So, while I was pretty disappointed in my placings, I was equally happy with the fact that I got through all the new steps!! Placings will get better as I clean the steps up and get more comfortable with them.

Next up...Jay's birthday!! I didn't take many pictures, but I took my handsome man out for a sushi dinner and made him a huge chocolate chocolate cake! He loved it!!

That following Sunday was another hike day with the girls. I am hoping that we all invest in some ice spikes and go out in the winter. Keeping my fingers crossed for that!!

The next weekend saw mom and I on a road trip to Texas to visit Andy. Random hours (and hours and hours and hours) with mom turned out to be a lot of fun. While we were in Texas, we hit up the Texas state fair! Hello cowboys and fried food!

While mom and I were in Texas, Jay played in his first real golf tournament!! It was with a couple of good guy friends who work for Nestle/Purina.  The theme was crazy golf attire... This is the outcome:
The guys ended up winning the whole tournament! There now rests a trophy in our dining room.

My September mushed right into my October with a trip to Sidney, NE with the Denver and District Pipe Band.  It's a big shindig in Sidney and the pipe band and it's dancers are the main attraction.  The weather this year waylaid a few shows, the parade and created some injuries.  Despite all that, or because of it? The weekend ended up being a lot of fun!! 

A short but sweet catch up from the last month. I promise to be better...especially since the next thing on our calendar is the Great American Beer Festival!!!