Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cross Training and my pinterest obsession

While I struggle with my current dance situation, I have found myself more and more determined to get into better shape.  For dance. For life. For me!

So how am I working on my health? Boot camp classes at Fitness in the City (I've mentioned these before) have definitely added to my overall cross training.  I love that not only does it push my already formed "dance" muscles... but it pushes muscles I've never used, under-used, and didn't know I had!  And its AWESOME. After each class, I find myself sweaty, hot and tired. But it also gives me this high, that I just accomplished something I've never tried before! Like... pulling another human being in a tire across the floor. Or... executing pull-ups from a prone position on the floor. Or... crossing the span of the room while doing push-ups. Stuff that doesn't benefit my everyday life, but it benefits my health.  And my friendships! This past Saturday, Mary, Julie, Stacey and I attended one of the biggest fitness gatherings around. Fitness on the Rocks!! What is that? It was an all day, fitness event with classes in Kickboxing, Zumba, Yoga and of course, Boot Camp (called Total Body). It couldn't have been in a more beautiful setting. Red Rocks! The day was warm and sunny, but we all worked our booties off!

love my fitness buddies!

Gorgeous day, gorgeous venue
So... how does all of this have anything to do with my Pinterest obsession? Have you been on Pinterest? If not, do so. Immediately. Or don't, because you'll invariably get sucked in. For example, since I have been more body and health conscious, I find things like this to add fuel to my fitness fire:

Are they necessarily the best ideas ever? No... but there are so many easy things I can do at home. Introduce new foods into our diet (although for the most part Jay and I eat pretty healthy). Try new recipes. And attempt to do some of these "easy, at home" exercises.  I am working on being more consistent with that. But hey, I am trying, right?

Here is to more cross-training, more healthy eating, and an all around better lifestyle!

Tripping over my tangled laces

Why am I tripping over my laces? Because, I am still dancing, but right now, my heart is not in it.
To answer, I first have to explain that my passion and love for dancing hasn't changed. I love dancing. I look forward to working myself until my legs are shaking and my feet are aching. But... I am not loving the school I am right now.
Remember my Post St. Pats post? I mentioned that I was struggling with the change in new teachers at our school. Well....3 1/2 months later, I am still struggling. Except now its because I feel like I am an afterthought.  Oh, you're an adult dancer thats not a champ? That's too bad.
Wait, what??!? I work just as hard, if not harder, than some of the kids in my class. So...why do I not get any feedback? Any suggestions? Any support? Hmmm.....
I mean, I know I am "old" for a dancer. I started late. 23. I am 28 now. I get it. I struggle with steps and moves. But, you know what? I WILL get them. Because I want to. I am not there because my mom and dad make me. I am there because I WANT to be.

I think its time I start looking for a different school to dance with.