Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Oktoberfest...in Nebraska

Every year, the Denver and District Pipe Band (in all of its former names) has traveled to Sidney, NE for their Oktoberfest.  And as often as I can and am invited, I go with as part of the Irish dance corps!  Its always a fun time and highly entertaining.  This year Jay came with for the first time. :) The whole weekend is a mix of dancing, dancing, dancing and some beer.  We have a show on Friday night, a parade on Saturday morning, a small show for the local senior center, another show for the dancers in the afternoon and the final night show on Saturday night. Whew! Now for the picture show...


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

GABF 2015

I can't believe its already October. Where did this year go?  Last year, Jay and I were in a frenzy of last minute prep for our wedding. This year... not so much :)


GABF (Great American Beer Festival - for those uninitiated folks) happened. And of course, it was awesome.  Its crazy to think that 6 years ago, at my very first GABF as a volunteer, I met Jay.  SIX YEARS.  Ahhh... anyway, it was a couple weekends ago. And of course, Jay and I were there to pour!

This year we poured for Gravity Brewlab out of Miami, FL.  The brewers were there and were awesome!! They were really excited about their beers and didn't mind answering any and all questions we had.  It certainly didn't hurt that their beers were DELICIOUS. Ahhh, I love beer.

And again... I cannot wait until next year!

Celebratin' Vegas stylz

A few weeks ago, my awesome hubby celebrated his 40th birthday. 40!!  So crazy.  Anyway, in order to celebrate such a big number, he and I and a couple of his friends went to Vegas. What better place to ring in a 40th birthday?

We spent most of our days at the pool, drinking and soaking up the sun.  But we managed to tear ourselves away for a few moments to walk around the Strip, eat some tasty food and see some sights!