Tuesday, October 6, 2015

GABF 2015

I can't believe its already October. Where did this year go?  Last year, Jay and I were in a frenzy of last minute prep for our wedding. This year... not so much :)


GABF (Great American Beer Festival - for those uninitiated folks) happened. And of course, it was awesome.  Its crazy to think that 6 years ago, at my very first GABF as a volunteer, I met Jay.  SIX YEARS.  Ahhh... anyway, it was a couple weekends ago. And of course, Jay and I were there to pour!

This year we poured for Gravity Brewlab out of Miami, FL.  The brewers were there and were awesome!! They were really excited about their beers and didn't mind answering any and all questions we had.  It certainly didn't hurt that their beers were DELICIOUS. Ahhh, I love beer.

And again... I cannot wait until next year!

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