Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Honeymoon part 1 - Iceland stopover

Jay and I were on our honeymoon for 16 days. Which is a lot. So.... I am breaking down the honeymoon into smaller pieces. So that this isn't one mass of words with a few pictures (who am I kidding - a crap load of pictures) thrown into the same post.

So... honeymoon. First let me say, it was awesome and wonderful.  We didn't have the greatest weather (to be expected) but the countries were beautiful and I couldn't have asked for a better adventure partner.

Shall we begin? We landed in Iceland at 6:30am. Early. Luckily, we were able to check into our B&B right away.  This meant we could kick off our shoes and close our eyes for a little nap.  Typically, I would not recommend napping when you land after an overseas flight (messes with the system and all that) but we both figured that it was so freaking early and we would have still been sleeping anyway, a short nap wouldn't hurt.

It didn't.

Our room was cute. Very clean and nice and pretty decent sized.  We stayed in Keflavik (right near the airport) which is incredibly tiny.  We walked a good portion of it when we awoke from our naps.  It was chilly and windy and eventually started raining.  Great start, right?

pretty much everything that can go wrong, will?
Despite hearing mixed reviews, we ended up heading out to the Blue Lagoon.  This is one of the top-top places to go when you're in Iceland - if you read all the reviews and websites.  I had heard yes, go and no, its a waste of time and money.
We went.  It was VERY expensive.  But it was cool and unique. If you're pressed for time in Iceland I would say skip it and see some of the other sites. If you have the time. Go.  It was very different, we went and it wasn't very crowded.  And honestly? After a long flight it was nice to soak and relax

entrance to the Blue Lagoon

fresh faced after our long soak

After the Blue Lagoon, we headed back to the b&b for a dinner suggestion and headed out to a restaurant (the only one we ate at the entire time we were in Iceland). The food was fresh (fish!) and tasty.  The restaurant was cute and warm.  Perfect for our cold, blustery first day of the honeymoon.

From there we went to bed. At like 8:30pm. Seriously. It had been a long day and we had an early flight to Scotland!