Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Superbowl happened

...and Denver won!  If you haven't been paying attention :)  I am a hardcore Bears fan (Chicago girl, what can I say?) but I've lived in Denver long enough to root for the Broncos when they play.  That...and my hubby would be so sad if I cheered against them.

On Superbowl Sunday, I worked at my second job in the morning.  And then... a bunch of people from there got together for the game!!! We had some good beers and some really good food!  It was a good group and so much fun to watch the game! Because we watched it at the restaurant...we also got to watch the riot police/SWAT team set up in back to quell any ruckus that might have started after the Broncos won.  Luckily, Denver managed to stay pretty classy ;)

the food spread!

Riot police are ready to go!
our fun group!

hubs and I rocking our Broncos gear

The Tuesday after the game, the city celebrated with a parade and rally.  News reports say that 1 million people showed up downtown for both!  Thats a lot of people! Luckily... working for the City has some serious perks.  We got a nearly front row seat inside the City and County building!  So very cool!!!