Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Wedding, Reunions and lots and lots of friends

This past weekend, Jay and I traveled to D.C. We had a wedding to attend and lots of people to see. The weather was gorgeous the entire weekend, and we took full advantage of it!  We landed early (EARLY!) Friday morning and headed to our hotel. Luckily the room was ready for us, so we took the opportunity to wander around D.C. First stop was the International Spy Museum! We weren't allowed to take pictures inside... but here are a few from their website and one I forgot I had emailed to us after we randomly posed in the museum for it:
Berlin Tunnel
A replica of the tunnel under Berlin to spy and below an Ninja (an original spy)

Next up was a stop at the Smithsonian American History Museum. Much of the museum was under construction, but we made sure to see a couple key exhibits ;) Like some of the First Lady's (current and past) dresses.

Michelle Obama's dress

Nancy Reagan's dresses


Ruby Slippers
 After that we had plans to go back to our hotel and relax for a bit before a pre-weddng gathering. We were waylaid by the beautiful Sculpture Garden and its cool stone benches and plentiful shade.

As we headed back to the hotel, we were trying to cross Pennsylvania Ave. Turns out we were temporarily unable to because the PRESIDENT was driving towards it. No joke! I got to see the President of the United States in the back of his car. My timing was off on the picture taking, but here is party of the motorcade:
That evening we gathered with Leslie and Shawn's friends at a "beach" bar for an informal gathering before the wedding on Saturday. It was great to meet with some of their friends, and reunite with my own!
Eileen, Leslie and I
The three of us girls were all at DU together, but we also have major bonding time since we all studied in Scotland together as well. It was amazing to spend time with them both!

The next day was Leslie's wedding. It was simple, gorgeous, and a total tear jerker. Leslie and Shawn have so much love for each other and so many others that (not to sound too cheesy) the whole wedding was just filled with so much love.
Leslie heads down the aisle

Leslie and Shawn

A DU reunion
The wedding was lovely, the food was delicious and I got to catch up with people I hadn't seen in years!!

The next day, Jay and I headed out to Arlington National Cemetary with Eileen and her boyfriend Matt. It was a beautiful day!

Later that evening, we met up with my friend Jaime and her hubby Kurt, and had dinner at the super tasty Graffiato. Tiny plates, tasty food. After dinner we headed over to the WWII Memorial, reflecting pool and Lincoln Memorial. It is unique to see in the dark.

The four of us goofed off for a while, taking pics of our shadows and each other before parting ways. Jay and I took a stroll back to our hotel, but made sure to stop by the newly finished Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.
The next day we prepped to head home. But one more visit with friends was in order. The newest DC residents, Shannon and Thomas.
By the time we got home, I was exhausted. But I couldn't have asked for a better trip, more wonderful friends, or an awesome travel companion in Jay. :) Many more adventures to come!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dance Competition

So, this past weekend was also the Longs Peak Feis up in Estes Park.  It is usually one of my favorite competitions to be at, because there is so much other stuff going on.  This year was no different, although the feis itself was disappointing for me.  I have been stuggling with dance for the last couple months. And although it appears that we have a good teacher, for keeps, I don't think I had enough time and mental energy spent on preparing myself for the competition. Hopefully, next time is better. I did love spending time with my friends and dance family and my wonderful supporters!  One plus side of the competition day was placing in the special. When you compete with 13 year olds and older... you have to take pride in the fact that it was all ADULTS on the podium.
Beckee and I on the podium
 Also, I am super, super thankful I have such a wonderful boyfriend. He puts up with so much on competition days. I mean, his normally down-to-earth, low maintenance, chill girlfriend, turns into a made-up, hair done, freak out, nervous wreck. I love him!!
 I mentioned that it looks like we have a teacher for keeps now. Megan. She's awesome. In a few short weeks she helped as much as possible. I think that my dancing can only get better with her around. So hopefully... everything stays on the up and up!
Megan and I
 And last, but not least. My dancing BFF and wonderful friend, Stacey. She makes tough competitions fun and bearable. Not to mention she kicked some serious ass this weekend!!! Love you, Stace! (P.s. thanks for all the pics! )

wait, what, its September already?

This summer has gone by so fast. Too fast. But... as it is 50 degrees and raining outside right now... I am glad its gone. (Kinda) There will still be a few 80 and 90 degree days in our future. But, I am ready for the cooler temps. September!
A few things have happened so far this month, so let me fill you in:
First up, some friends of the family came in from out of town over Labor Day weekend. What did we do? Go whiskey tasting of course. Denver boasts its very own whiskey distillery just outside of downtown.

It was a little weird to be tasting whiskey at 10am. But... it was a lot of fun!!!

This past weekend, Jay and I headed up to Miller Farms. We went up there last year, because its a great way to pick fresh veggies to take home. We brought home 8 bags of veggies this year. 8 bags! Sweet corn, green beans, broccoli, carrots, potatoes, onions and pie pumpkins. Yum! IWe'll be eating a lot of veggies over the next few weeks.