Thursday, June 14, 2012

Time off from dance...means time for adventures!

So... I've been taking a bit of a break from dance. (Although heading back today). So... what have I been filling my time with? Summertime adventures, of course!

To start... Memorial Day weekend was planned with a camping/rafting trip. Unfortunately, I got sick right before we left... and camped with a wretched cold the whole weekend. It later turned into bronchitis... so, it wasn't the most pleasant of trips.
 We did have a beautiful campsite up near Kenosha Pass. Jay and I shared our huge tent with Heather and Pontus. It was cozy... especially considering how cold it got at night!!  We grilled up some yummy food over the campfire, and introduced our resident Swede to the gloriousness of S'MORES!
Jay - master chef
 The rafting portion of the weekend was incredibly disappointing. We had reserved spots on an all day trip down the "Numbers" portion of the Arkansas River. Too bad the water flow was sooo low they switched us to another section.  That had very little water as well and most of our day was spent fighting the wind the threatened to blow us back UP RIVER. Ugh.

Heather's bro came into town last weekend... and we decided to race go-karts! Oh yea... real deal, get suited up, wear helmets, go fast... racing! If you have the interest, check it out! We went to Action Karting up next to Bandimere Speedway. We went early in the morning before it got too hot... and had a blast!

our racing crew

the boys are thinking of getting into a new line of work

All in all, some good adventures so far this summer! More to follow...