Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dance Competition

So, this past weekend was also the Longs Peak Feis up in Estes Park.  It is usually one of my favorite competitions to be at, because there is so much other stuff going on.  This year was no different, although the feis itself was disappointing for me.  I have been stuggling with dance for the last couple months. And although it appears that we have a good teacher, for keeps, I don't think I had enough time and mental energy spent on preparing myself for the competition. Hopefully, next time is better. I did love spending time with my friends and dance family and my wonderful supporters!  One plus side of the competition day was placing in the special. When you compete with 13 year olds and older... you have to take pride in the fact that it was all ADULTS on the podium.
Beckee and I on the podium
 Also, I am super, super thankful I have such a wonderful boyfriend. He puts up with so much on competition days. I mean, his normally down-to-earth, low maintenance, chill girlfriend, turns into a made-up, hair done, freak out, nervous wreck. I love him!!
 I mentioned that it looks like we have a teacher for keeps now. Megan. She's awesome. In a few short weeks she helped as much as possible. I think that my dancing can only get better with her around. So hopefully... everything stays on the up and up!
Megan and I
 And last, but not least. My dancing BFF and wonderful friend, Stacey. She makes tough competitions fun and bearable. Not to mention she kicked some serious ass this weekend!!! Love you, Stace! (P.s. thanks for all the pics! )

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