Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Playing catch up

So, I have been horrible about blogging lately. No specific reason...except where in the world did this year go? Seriously? 

So to start: the beginning of September meant a feis! It was the first feis with all new steps. So, while I was pretty disappointed in my placings, I was equally happy with the fact that I got through all the new steps!! Placings will get better as I clean the steps up and get more comfortable with them.

Next up...Jay's birthday!! I didn't take many pictures, but I took my handsome man out for a sushi dinner and made him a huge chocolate chocolate cake! He loved it!!

That following Sunday was another hike day with the girls. I am hoping that we all invest in some ice spikes and go out in the winter. Keeping my fingers crossed for that!!

The next weekend saw mom and I on a road trip to Texas to visit Andy. Random hours (and hours and hours and hours) with mom turned out to be a lot of fun. While we were in Texas, we hit up the Texas state fair! Hello cowboys and fried food!

While mom and I were in Texas, Jay played in his first real golf tournament!! It was with a couple of good guy friends who work for Nestle/Purina.  The theme was crazy golf attire... This is the outcome:
The guys ended up winning the whole tournament! There now rests a trophy in our dining room.

My September mushed right into my October with a trip to Sidney, NE with the Denver and District Pipe Band.  It's a big shindig in Sidney and the pipe band and it's dancers are the main attraction.  The weather this year waylaid a few shows, the parade and created some injuries.  Despite all that, or because of it? The weekend ended up being a lot of fun!! 

A short but sweet catch up from the last month. I promise to be better...especially since the next thing on our calendar is the Great American Beer Festival!!! 

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