Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Brother!!!!

21 years ago today, November 12, 1989, my baby brother was born.  It snowed that day. A lot. I remember waking up and my parents being gone and my grandma in the kitchen. I remember when we drove over to the hospital so I could see my mom and my brand new baby brother. He was so tiny, and cute, and tiny. Did I mention how small he used to be? Tiny. I was in Kindergarten at the time. So for show and tell, I got to bring in my cute, adorable little baby brother in to show everyone. He was so stinking cute.

Now, he is 21 years old. And that makes me feel old. It really does. But it also amazes me at how quickly time flies and how you can literally watch someone grow up. Six years is a pretty big age difference, and when we were younger, it was awful. As we have gotten older, my brother and I have grown closer. And I love it. And him. So here is to you, baby brother. Happy Birthday! I look forward to celebrating many more.

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