Monday, November 15, 2010

A Birthday Celebration

As you know, my baby brother turned 21 on Friday... so we took him out to celebrate. Started with a family-ish dinner with my mom, brother, brother's girlfriend, and boyfriend Jay. We went to this crazy little place where you could order piles and piles of seafood! Yummy...
Bag o' crawfish



My tutorial on how to eat a crawfish

We gonna eat you, crab!

The damage...
It was a great way to start the night! Spicy seafood, tasty beer and good company. I just hope baby brother enjoyed  himself as well. There was more drinking involved (it was his 21st after all) so we headed out downtown.
Baby bro's first shot of the night!
Another shot for the birthday boy!
ll in all it seemed to be a fun night. :) Looking forward to hangin' out with brother "grown-up" style from now on!!

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