Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday

I imagine the title above being read like one of those monster truck announcers. I am not really sure why. But it works in my head and makes me laugh a little.  Laughing is good, especially on a Wednesday. Hump day. Half way through the work week. This Wednesday, I woke up to a fine dusting of snow on the ground and a hard layer of frost on all the cars. Luckily I don't have to take the time to scrape off the car to drive to work. Hooray for living downtown!  But, it was definitely a winter coat, hat and scarf type of morning. Since I don't have to drive in it, I love it!!!

Although...I am not sure how I feel about snow quite yet. Cold, yes. Snow... not so much.

A picture from one of last year's first snows...
Last night was a warm snuggly kind of night, Stacey came over and Heather was there and the three of us hunkered down with a tasty dinner (salsa chicken and garlic boiled potatoes) and the movie, "Love Actually". Great times all around!!! It was the first "official" girls night for Stacey and I, and one of the last for Heather and I as she leaves in 2 weeks!
Somehow last night, the talk turned to "Titanic". Ummm, flashback to 8th grade!!! Gah! I remember seeing that movie in the theaters. Our school dance at the end of that year was themed as "Titanic".  I never thought I would watch it again, but the movie has just snuck itself onto the movie watching list for future girl's nights.  We'll see how that goes. :D

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