Monday, November 22, 2010

Busy weekend

It was indeed, a busy weekend.  It was kicked off by a nice, relaxing, homecooked meal made FOR me, by my amazing man. We headed out after to throw back a few drinks with Jay's friends in celebration of one of their birthdays. Drinks and laughter are always a good combo.

Saturday was a jam-packed day... we started it out with seeing the new HARRY POTTER movie in the afternoon.
Heather, Jay, baby brother, Stacey, her hubby and I all trekked downtown to see the movie. We were expecting long lines and a crazy amount of people, but we were lucky and got to step right into the theater and pick our seats!!!

After the movie, we all headed our separate directions... Stacey and her hubby went home to rally for a night out. Heather got ready for dinner and the night out, and I cooked dinner for Jay and I. Another homecooked meal for the weekend!!
Saturday night was a gathering of friends to send off Miss Heather as she leaves on her world adventure. She leaves tomorrow... but I managed to capture a few shots to commemorate her departure....

Sunday was spent recuperating and watching football! But... Jay and I also got together with a bunch of his friends to watch the MLS Cup Final. It was a battle between FC Dallas and the Colorado Rapids!!! Since Jay and I have gone to a couple games this season and really enjoy watching soccer... it was a fun time. And a great game to watch.
Connor Casey was the bomb!
It came down overtime, two 15 minute halves. The Rapids scored and somehow managed to hold off Dallas-
Rapids Win!!

- and became the 2010 MLS Cup Champions! Hooray Rapids!! It was a great way to end the weekend... now for a short week and a tasty holiday break....

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