Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Part 2

So... I promised that there would be a part 2 to our Halloween adventures. And there was!! For the second time, Jay and I participated in Courtnay and Rob's annual Haunted House. Rob is the master planner and comes up with a pretty  fantastic haunted house, in their FRONT YARD! Sounds silly, I know. But, I promise, its not. :) Last year Jay and I were in the "O.R". Meaning...Jay was the crazy doctor operating on me... and I was the still awake and alive patient! It was a lot of fun, see?

This year, I have more pictures, thanks to Miss Stace, who came out to hang out out, but didn't really participate in the scare factor. It was so much fun having her there!!

Stace wrote all about our adventures in her blog, but I wanted to share a couple of pics here.

 Jay and I were asked to be gravediggers this year.... ooooh! Stace got this shot of us before all the shenanigans started.
 See that coffin on the ground? Before long, I ended up inside of it. As people walked by I would pound on the inside and scream to be let out.... creepy!

This was my view from inside the coffin! It wasn't really that bad, as I was lying on the grass and had plenty of air. :)
 Jay looked extra creepy in the lights as it got darker... excuse the pictures, I could only get my phone in my pocket...hard to take too much stuff with you to the coffin. ;)
Every once in a while, Jay would open up the top of the coffin and check on me :) This is one of the shots I took looking up at him.

All in all it was another GREAT year of scares and fun.  Thanks to Court and Rob for putting it all together again... we can't wait until next year!

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