Monday, October 29, 2012

Exciting News!

Extra, Extra, read all about it. Exciting dance news!  

Now that I have you at the edge of your seat, let me show you a few pictures throughout the last 5 years of dance, and evolution of sorts....

 I started in our school costume. Simple skirt and vest and long sleeve shirt.

 We've danced in jeans and matching tshirts for some occasions.

 Our summer dresses provide cool relief for those incredibly hot shows. Normally I don't wear tights with it... but just ignore those for now ;)

I've gotten to join the Denver and District Pipe Band, and with it comes a new outfit!

 St. Patrick's Day shows come with a variety of dance outfits, some more traditional than others... while some are all about comfort.

 We even introduced a new show outfit, simple with some flash!

 I even got my first solo dress!! First with no bling, then added some sparkles and even tried it out with poodle socks (that look didn't last long).

But.... finally, after much looking, fretting, measuring, etc. I have a new look to add to my dance evolution.

 MY NEW SOLO DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Ignore the poor quality cellphone picture. Or the fact that I am not wearing tights, or hair, or make-up. I am just sooooo excited!!!! I will be wearing tights with this fab new dress. In one week, at Fall Feis, I will get to debut it. As an &over prizewinner, my mom and I felt that it was time to leave the older, traditional dress behind. I will still wear it for shows and such since I truly love the dress. But... new, updated dress? I think so!

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  1. You look so great!!!!!!!!!!! It is perfect!!!!!!!