Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween... part 1?

I am calling this entry Halloween part 1 in hopes that I will have more to share after the actual holiday on Wednesday! But... we'll see.....

In the meantime... this year's Halloween involved a group costume. One that had been brainstormed last year and didn't work out... but was implemented this year at the insistence of all.  The girls and I decided to hit Halloween this year as ROLLER DERBY girls!!!! Heather, Anne, Brandy and I all got together one Sunday afternoon to pick out and put together our matching (mostly) team costumes. We came up with names, numbers, etc. We got our crafty on... and it turned out amazingly!
Anne aka Fast Lane!

Brandy aka Killer Bee

Me aka Em-inent Threat
 We were missing Miss Heather as she is celebrating Halloween Swedish style this year. But she is supposed to wear her costume there... so hopefully pictures will be forthcoming.

Jay, of course, had to be included in this group costume, but since he can't really be a Roller Derby girl... he stepped in as our always handsome, ever present Referee!

He looked hilariously amazing as always.  Our little team made sure to pose for pictures... and thanks to Sam, we even "won" the bout. ;)

 The party was awesome as usual. We got to celebrate MM's birthday and she and Same rocked it in style. The ominous Umbrella Corporation men were wandering around as well. And Jess and Ed captured everything... instagram style.

Until next year.... and believe me. Jay and I already have our costumes planned.

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