Thursday, December 31, 2015

Trip to Cincinnati!

A few short weeks ago, Jay was in Cincinnati for work.  He'd been traveling SO much, that his bosses agreed to let him extend that trip a few extra days, keep the hotel and rental car and have me come and join him! Now... a trip to Cincinnati is not necessarily at the top of my places to go list - however, my lovely friend Stacey was having the 1st of her 2 (yes 2 - the next one is in Australia) weddings in Cincinnati that same weekend Jay was there. Fate? Cosmic alliance? I don't know - but I am ridiculously happy it worked out.  I miss Stace like crazy, and her new husband is absolutely fabulous.  The two of them together? LOVE IT.

So here are some photos of our short trip to Cincy - Stacey's wedding and some sightseeing!

this girl. I just love her so much!
the beautiful bride!
Jay and I in our wedding attire
the happy couple!
We left on Sunday afternoon... but not before saying our goodbyes to the newlyweds.  There were some tears for sure - Stace is like a sister to me and I couldn't imagine not having her in my life!! We will obviously just have to go and visit her in Australia.  After we saw her, we headed out to a huge, old cemetery outside the city that Stacey's dad recommended we check out.  A quick stop after that for some famous Skyline Chili and we were headed home.


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