Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Dance Update

I haven't posted about dance in a while... which seems to be a growing trend.. BUT I do have some news!  Just this past weekend was the Western Region Oireachtas!  Which, for you non-dancer folk, is our regional dance competition (the entire western region of the US - shocker).  This year it was held in Salt Lake City.  Our school took a big group of solo dancers and group dancers to the competition this weekend. I think all in all, it was a good showing.

The group I was dancing with was an 8 hand (8 dancers in a traditional group dance).  We competed in the 15&over group and competed against 30 other teams!!! Unfortunately we didn't place, but we danced as well as we could and enjoyed every moment!

Mom came with to SLC and 2 of my lovely dancer friends roomed with us as well. The weekend was made more fun just by having them around!!

Pictures from the weekend...
mom and I on Friday

dance look!

ladies 8 hand!

Bananas!!! Love this girl so much!

These ladies...make everything more awesome. Love them!!

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