Monday, August 3, 2015

All about the COLOR!

For the 3rd year in a row, I've spent a Saturday morning getting totally messy. Yep, messy. And I loved it!!!  This past Saturday was the Color Run!  Which means a bunch of people (lots and lots) get together and run a 5k and in the process try to get blasted with as much color as possible. This year there was the added bonus of getting a dose of shine! SHINE! Like glitter, but more minerally. And it was awesome!!!  Glitter is often referred to as the herpes of craft supplies. And that is totally true.  Even after washing myself and my clothes, the "shine" is all over the inside of the car and places in the house. FUN! Hahaha!

Julie took Jay's place this year (he had to be out of town for work) but Brandy, Charlie and mom all joined again this year. Running with these ladies makes 3.2 miles go so quickly!   Mom pushed Julie's daughter the whole race, which she loved, but meant she didn't get as messy as last year.  Julie and I made sure to give her lots of hugs to get her covered!

we started so clean!

love these ladies!

 Most people start the run in as much white as possible - the better to see the color with my dear!
post race!

 When you finish the race, they give each runner a few more packets of color (in case you didn't get enough) this means getting the chance to dump it on your dearest, closest friends.
shine bombed!

jump shot!

Until next year!!

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