Monday, July 27, 2015

Active weekend

Last weekend (not this past one, but the one before that.  yea, that one) was a very active weekend for me!  Why, you ask?  Because I was able to work out at Red Rocks AND get in a hike!  Saturday was the annual Fitness on the Rocks.  This was the 5th year, and my 4th year participating.  It is a perfect example of why I love living in Colorado.  Why?  Because thousands and thousands of people pay to work out together. There is something absolutely amazing about looking around you, while you stand on the seats in a beautiful amphitheater and watch as everyone is doing the same thing as you, and enjoying it! Ahhhh!!!
Of course, Brandy and I went together.  This is our 3rd year doing fitness on the rocks, and we love it!!

 This year we decided to have fun taking pictures while we waited for the workout to start!
our attempt to get us both jumping in the same picture!
working my core
post workout!


 The next day, Anne, Jay and I went for a hike.  My muscles were sore from the day before, but it felt good to get out and stretch and walk and work a little bit more.  The hike we went on was just outside of Evergreen, called Watershed North.  And while it wasn't a terrible hike... its not we'll be repeating.  Getting there was tough and the hike wasn't worth the effort.  At least we didn't think so!  It was still pretty in parts...

All in all, another great weekend!! We're winding down on the end of July... so we only have a few more weeks of good summer time left!  Looks like we'll be having more adventures here soon.

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  1. Love this and love you! What a fun tradition! Red Rocks is a gorgeous place to work out! Xx