Monday, July 13, 2015

Soul Refresher

Do you ever have those weeks where you just feel fried and frazzled and totally out of sorts?  I do, for sure.  Luckily, there are a few things that help me feel soooo much better!  One of them, hiking. Being outside in nature. Soaking up the sunshine, breathing in the piney, fresh air.  Sweating and accomplishing something.

Jay and I did just that this weekend.  We had every intention of camping, but just couldn't find the time to pull our camping gear together.  Instead, we set the alarm for early (so early) Saturday morning and headed out for a long hike.

We originally were planning to head towards Mt. Evans to do the Chicago Lakes hike, but were foiled by a bike race that was happening on the roads leading up to the trailhead.  So, instead, we headed towards Berthoud Pass for some trails.

  Berthoud Pass is part of the continental divide which is also a trail that stretches an incredibly long distance. The trailhead there is well marked, as a trailhead, but nothing else.  No trail map, nothing.  So...we just set off!  We figured if we hiked for about 2 hours up and 2 hours back, we'd get the distance we wanted.  Turns out, we did just that, and managed to climb a mountain in the process!  We climbed Mt. Flora, a 13,146 ft. mountain.  Not a 14'er like so many here in Colorado, but no small feat either!

getting started, in the trees

my favorite adventure partner

getting higher, so much snow!

The hike itself was gorgeous and not crowded at all.  We got to the top and were able to take some gorgeous pictures, stop and rest and even eat some lunch. 
far above treeline

ridge to another mountain (we didn't try it)

Jay and I at the top

cairn marking the peak

looking down on a glacier

goodbye top of the mountain!

As the clouds started to move in, we headed back down the mountain.  It ended up being about a 6.5 mile hike.  And after...?  I felt refreshed.  My soul felt healed and soothed and I was ready for this next week to begin. Thanks for the dose of medicine, Colorado!

one of my fave shots of the day

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