Sunday, June 8, 2014

Chalk Art Festival 2014

One weekend in June, every year, Larimer Square in downtown Denver, turns into a free art festival with talented artists filling the streets with huge chalk pictures. Its seriously amazing what can be done with chalk and time.  I love heading down to see all the art and brag over what Jay and his buddy Nate do!  Yep, Jay is an artist. I love bragging about him. 
But first, check out some of the other artwork:

Amazing, right?  I always think so.  And its awesome to see the transformation of the art over the two days the artists are out on the street.
This is Jay and Nate on day 1 when my mom and I first showed up!

end of day 1
 My awesome new camera has some cool features, like being able to focus on one particular color at a time... for example, I chose Red on this picture:
 The final product on Sunday afternoon!  How cool is that? I think (and of course I am biased) that its absolutely fantastic.

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