Monday, June 30, 2014

A weekend away

Last weekend (not the one we just had) I was able to take a long weekend and fly back to the Midwest for my awesome friend Eileen's bachelorette party.  She is getting married next month in Ireland (so fun!) but because of planning our own wedding and honeymoon, Jay and I won't be able to make it (so sad). 
But... that didn't stop me from joining her and our friend Sarah Fujii (Fujii-san) for a FANTASTIC weekend!

I flew in Friday morning and was picked up by Miss Fujii at the airport. We spent the next hour in the car catching up with life - and missing a few exits on our way to our destination.  It was fantastic!  We met up with Eileen at her family's house at gorgeous Lake Geneva, WI.  The three of us had lunch, laughed, gabbed, got spray tanned (which was random and awesome and now I am sold on having one for my wedding) sat out on the dock and drank and talked some more. If my weekend had to have ended there, I would have been totally happy.   As it was, we had a whole other day!
Saturday we got up, helped Eileen's sisters prep for the huge gaggle of girls coming up for the party, went for a run (humidity I hate you) and relaxed as everyone slowly joined us. 
The rest of the night was a whirlwind! So by the time I fell into bed at 3:30am I was exhausted. And a little drunk.
Luckily, Sunday morning my dad was able to come and grab me and take me to the airport! It was nice to have breakfast with him and catch up a bit as well!
view from the house - Lake Geneva
crazy party bus lighting - love these girls!

The weekend away was pretty awesome. made me realize that I miss Eileen and Fujii like crazy. It makes me sad that they are so far away. Thankfully I will see them both in October for my wedding!

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