Monday, June 30, 2014

DAM date night

Friday night was a great night! Jay and I got to have a DAM date night. Yes, I said DAM. Meaning, Denver Art Museum date night!  Being a city employee has its perks, and this is one of them.  Jay and I were able to get into the museum after normal busy hours for free!

We started off the night with beers from a local brewery, Pint's Pub.  They make some great beers and also have a HUGE selection of whiskeys to choose from.

After drinks, we walked the few blocks to DAM.  They had live music, a dj, food trucks, games and other activities.  We were able to wander around the museum with very few other people.  We took a break and had dinner from one of the food trucks before wandering back into the museum.  A lovely night out for sure!

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