Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wedding planning update

So.. we have less than 6 months until the wedding. (CRAZY!)  And Jay and I have finally gotten back around to talking about wedding stuff.

We met with the amazing MM on Friday to discuss invitations.  She's got some awesome paper skills and Jay has some awesome artist skills, so between the two of them, they are looking pretty awesome. I am not giving any hints - but after they are sent out, I will probably post a pic of them up here.

We've narrowed down our food choices to 3 possibilities.  Looks like we'll be doing some food truck stalking in the near future! Denver has an awesome variety of food trucks that serve really yummy and delicious food. We are pretty excited about having one at our wedding.

We've also been looking at hotels to stay at the night of our wedding.  We will be taking an actual honeymoon, but there is something so fun about staying out on your wedding night.  We've decided that we want a hotel with some serious character so that our pre-ceremony pics (first look!) will be more than just a simple hotel lobby.  Again, Denver has a great variety of old, quirky and character filled hotels.  Our photographer might have to weigh in on our choices (Stacey?)

Speaking of photogs, I asked Stace to do the photos for our wedding, since I LOVE LOVE LOVE her pictures. Perfectly timed candid photos, natural light, happiness oozing from the pictures. Needless to say - her departure to Australia might cause some issues. BUT I am hoping that she'll be back in October. And yes, before you ask, I have back ups that I can contact just in case.  But I would prefer to idealistically hope that Stace will be there.

As for the rest... its literally all minor details. Types of flowers in our decorations. The timeline for the day, etc., etc. I am excited at our progress... and can't wait to see how much more we figure out!

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