Friday, May 2, 2014

Summer plans

Happy May Day!!!!

Since its the beginning of May, and I have already started planned our summer activities (not ones that have anything to do with wedding planning) I figured I would share what we're planning!

Camping, lots and lots and lots of camping. As much as I can possibly squeeze into the summer. Seriously.  We've actually bought an America the Beautiful parks pass for the summer.  It will stick on the truck and we'll be able to visit all the awesome National Parks without having to pay additional entrance fees. Which is good...because in a few weeks we're starting off our camping summer with a trip down to Mesa Verde.  I have never been and am really excited to see it!
Then we'll be headed over to Arches and Canyonlands in Utah! I know we talked about going last year, but this year its actually happening. :) Campsites have been reserved.

What else is on tap? As much hiking as the girls and I can fit in as well!  Lots of outdoors time. Thats my plan. Bring it on summertime!

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