Monday, March 5, 2012

Ski Weekend 2012

Next up - ski weekend!  Jay and I did this last year, took a 4 day weekend and headed up to the mountains to rent a house with some friends.  This year there were even more people in an even bigger house! But, it was a lot of fun just the same.  We headed up on Friday and got in a great skiing day! The mountains have missed a lot of snow this winter... so it was nice to have some good, fresh snow.

Heather and I taking a break

beautiful day at Copper Mt!
 The next day, we all took a break from skiing and snowboarding to enjoy an afternoon of tubing! Imagine sledding on drugs. Its sledding amplified. Its awesome.
Jay and I are ready for tubing!

taking the magic carpet up the hill!

crazy tubing group

the start of our tube train

We spent the rest of the weekend on the mountain or back at the house. Hot tub, food, beverages and friends all make for a great, great time. It was nice to get away for a bit.  And... I cannot wait until next year!

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