Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You know you're an Irish Dancer when...

St. Pat's shows are not only on St. Patrick's Day.

This year, there was a concentrated effort to branch out and try to secure some new and different show gigs.  First up, performing during the Denver Roller Dolls Roller Derby season opener! The performance group was opened to Champs and upper Prizewinners... I was lucky enough to find myself in that group!! We were given a slot during the intermission... and the wonderful Mary Pearl (new TCRG) came up with some brilliant, fresh choreography!  Video to be posted once I figure out where it is.
We had an early pre-show warm-up and run through.
putting on shoes and stretching

running through pieces of the choreography
There was the inevitable backstage chaos with everyone getting dressed, wigged, made-up...
I was in charge of make-up for everyone!

the prep stage
But... when we finally went out and danced... it was AMAZING! The crowd was hooting and hollering, people clapped, cheered and stood up to watch us. The dances looked good and we all remembered to smile and enjoy ourselves. (Which obviously is important)
us "oldies" in the group

All in all, it turned out awesome and was a great way to kick off the performance season. 
Bennett Roller Derby performance group courtesy of Morgan Jones Photography
On a special note, it was the first time Stace and I had ever worn full wigs. And... I don't know if thats a look I am ready to go for full time for my feis style. (P.S. thanks to Stace for handing out her camera to get pictures!!)
Also... once again, my boyfriend proved to be amazing and awesome. He trekked along as a "roadie" for the whole experience and was prepped to lay out flooring, run for food, or anything else that might have needed to be done.  Best boyfriend award!
love this guy!
Can't wait for the rest of the St. Pats shows.... my feet, however, are not looking forward to it :)

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