Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The right colors...

the wrong team.  Thats how I felt on Sunday when Jay and I headed to a Broncos game.  It was the last of his birthday presents, so I felt like I should be a good sport and cheer for his team. We were both decked out in Blue and Orange (I might have left my Bears socks on)...and we headed to Sports Authority Field at Mile High.  Thankfully all the snow was gone and it turned out to be a pleasant day!
we were pretty high up!
The seats were pretty high up, but we were right at the 40yd line, so it was good viewing for sure.
I kept hoping that the field would magically turn to Bears...but to no avail.  It was still a very fun and exciting game!
During half-time, they held a tribute to Breast Cancer survivors.  A few women's stories were shared... and it brought tears to my eyes. It was really, very touching and great to see.
pink balloons released
The day cooled off while the game heated up. It ended with the Broncos losing (terrific effort made!)... but it was a great Sunday to spend watching football.

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