Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Adventures

We've had some beautiful weather here in Colorado. Very un-October like weather. Temps in the 70s and 80s. Weird! However... since we've had such nice weather... Jay and I and Heather decided to take full advantage of it on Sunday. By going to a farm! Say what, you say?  Yes, a farm.  Miller Farms, to be exact.  I heard about this place from a co-worker of mine. Apparently, its a place where you can pick your own vegetables. Hmmm....? Jay and I had already discussed (at length) the idea of going pumpkin picking. Heather has been all about doing anything "American" since she returned. So the three of us made a trek to the boonies of Colorado... to pick vegetables.
It was AWESOME!!!! I wish we had known about this place over the summer. It is truly a foodie heaven. F-R-E-S-H produce. That you pick yourself! You pay $15.00 per person, which covers the bouncy balloon, corn maze, pumpkin, the tractor ride out to the fields and up to 5 grocery bags per person of whatever you pick. So off we went!
We got the option to pick...onions (red, yellow and white), cabbage, green beans, carrots, red potatoes, sweet corn, and pie pumpkins!  The onions were pretty easy to pick, just pry them out of the ground since they were half uncovered anyway. We skipped over cabbage and Heather and Jay went to town picking green beans. I got the job of getting the carrots...which isn't nearly as easy as Bugs Bunny makes it out to be. The potatoes were pretty easy since they had a little tractor thing that pulled them out of the ground for you.  The pumpkins were also easy, but you had to be careful not to get carried away. They were small and so easy to grab!  The corn was my favorite part. We picked the ears right off the stalk, wandering up and down the rows of corn. It would have been easy to get totally lost. The best part about the was so sweet we shucked a couple ears right there on the tractor and nibbled away on the raw ears. Yum!

picking sweet corn right from the stalks!

chose not to get any cabbage...



our loot! 2 people's effort yields a lot of veggies!

Heather had her own wagon!

sweet corn for dinner
We got boatloads of onions and potatoes. I will be learning/making French Onion soup in the near future. I am also planning to make a slow cooker stew this week to use up some of the carrots, onions and potatoes. The corn is oh, so, sweet... and I am planning corn bread and possibly corn chowder as well!! Lots of cooking in my future... but it will be great with such fresh veggies!

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