Thursday, October 20, 2011

Scary faces in the night

So... for the first time in.... years, I carved a pumpkin! Really, Heather, Jay and I carved pumpkins... a little pumpkin carving party, if you will. It was so much. More fun than I remember it being as a kid. Maybe... because now I had the strength to actually cut all the way through the pumpkin?  Maybe because hot wings and onion rings were involved? Maybe because it was just a lot of fun...
We had picked these fabu pumpkins when we went to Miller Farms over the weekend. We each got busy sketching out faces and ideas... and all made some scary jack 'o' lanterns!  Let me just say now... that I should probably practice carving or something before next year. Because both Jay and Heather put my pumpkin to shame.

pumpkin guts
 The tough part of pumpkin carving? Still scooping out all the goopy insides. After a while I got bored with it and decided to get on with my carving.
 Jay was serious when he sketched out his pumpkin. Look at that thing!
Jay and Heather working hard
 Apparently, the one MAJOR thing we forgot about the whole pumpkin carving extravaganza?  Candles. Stupid candles. So Jay scoured the house looking for anything we could stick inside and light. We found 1 really old, red pillar candle and two birthday candles. #3 and #2. Random, I know.
My scary face...with the #2 candle

Heather's creepy face with the #3
Jay's freaky face with the red pillar candle

They all turned out really good. But... like I said, I need to take some carving lessons or something before next year.

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