Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Got my competitive juices flowin'

Dance. I haven't talked about it much... mostly because there hasn't been a ton to talk about, and partially because I was hoping that I would have something exciting to post about soon. Which I do. Today.
I haven't competed since April (a month or more before I broke my foot) and hadn't been too keen to test the competitive waters in September when Longs Peak feis rolled around. However... due to the amazing teaching skills of my friend Mary (soon to be TCRG? fingers crossed!!)....some serious ass getting kicked in class and diligent private lessons... I felt ready to hit the competitive stage again for Octoberfeis. I opted to only compete in my hardshoe dances, that way I didn't feel too stressed out and because all my hardshoe was in Novice.
Octoberfeis. Ironically enough, it fell on the same weekend as the Great American Beer Festival. Which I attended/volunteered for. So... when Saturday afternoon came for class... I felt like poop. I didn't think I was dancing well... and was not looking forward to competing.  Mary kicked my butt a little and told me to snap out of it and own my dances.
So... Sunday morning... I headed back to the competitive stage. And totally rocked it.

I still have things to work on... but coming back from a broken foot and placing my Treble Jigs and Hornpipes? Felt GREAT! My Treble Jigs moved into Prizewinner... sadly there were not enough people to move my Hornpipes. But still. I. Felt. Great. And it was fantastic to be competing again. Looking forward to the next feis!!

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