Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beer, baby, Beer.

I love when September rolls around. Not only is the start of my favorite season... but it also means cooler temperatures, brilliant colors, and BEER. Yes, I associate beer with fall. If you lived in Denver and were a beer lover, you would too. Why? Four words...
Great. American. Beer. Festival.
Seriously. Imagine a convention hall packed with tables. Each table has beer on it. From different regions of the US. 2400 different types of beer. Bliss doesn't even begin to describe it.
GABF is a great event...made even greater when Heather and I decided to volunteer to pour beer 3 festivals ago. We had no idea what to expect, what we were in for... or how utterly AWESOME it was.
Let me sum it up for you.... by being a Brew Crew volunteer you:
get in FREE
pour beer
taste beer

meet people
free Brew Crew shirt and
drink beer...lots and lots of beer. FOR FREE. Enough said.  Also... at our first GABF as Brew Crew, I met Jay. Two whole years already. Obviously, GABF now holds a special place in both Jay's and my hearts.
Happy Anniversary Babe!
 The beautiful Miss Stacey joined us again this year (last year was her first, and now she's hooked!) And... my mom joined the Brew Crew as well. She seemed to have a total blast, and I am pretty sure the brewers wanted to take her home with them.
Brew Crew newbie!

She's back!!!

This is typical Heather and I

Stace and Jay!

my girls and I. Love these two!
Sadly... beer fest has ended for another year.... see you next year GABF!

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