Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sew Random

A quick update on some of my sewing projects... since soon I will be back to writing about running and dancing again. They will be back to consume my life!
But to begin... I have taken a page from one of my fave blogs, New Dress A Day, to give new life to some cute shirts that I have found in my thrifting adventures. I am not quite at the point of fixing the clothes to fit me... but I can make them into adorable purses and bags! Like this shirt for example. I loved the color and giant flower design... but the shirt was itty bitty....

 So I made it into a great extra bag! Perfect to take with me to the grocery store... or just quickly run out the door!
I have found a bunch of other shirts that I will eventually get to... but this one I wanted to show off since its going to be gifted away. Today! My wonderful dance buddy Melissa celebrated her birthday this past weekend. Since I wasn't there to celebrate, she is getting her gift tonight before dance class... Luckily I know she won't be checking out this blog before I get there!
Melissa's gift is 2 pieces. The first, was a shirt I found that had some extra writing and such on it. But I loved the main design so much I figured I could work around it...
this is what caught my eye
 So... I cut off all the extra bits that I didn't like, found some great green fabric in my stash and went to town!
 I think it will make a great shoe bag or hair bag or glitter/make-up/accessories bag for Melissa. Fingers crossed she likes it!!
I even added some festive trimmings!
For Melissa's slightly more "grown-up" birthday gift, I whipped up one of my special purses for her. Mostly they're special because I haven't moved on to a different type. Awesome. But I love the way the color combo turns out, so hopefully she does too! Happy Belated Birthday Melissa!!

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