Friday, August 19, 2011

The best medicine

for a crazy week? girl talk in the car + dance + fabulous dance girlies = best medicine ever.

This week has been hectic at work. Like... stressed to the max, hectic. So stressed that I scheduled a massage for 6:00pm tonight... and I will be lucky if I can last until then. Le sigh.

But dance last night? Was awesome. Wonderful Miss Mary was teaching again last night... with some helpful tips from the lovely Julie. Combine that with 4 dancers (where was everybody?) and you practically get one on one attention. LOVE! I am still uber sore... but not nearly as bad as last week. My jumps are feeling better. My leaps are leaving the ground. And I can actually make it through most of my dances before I feel like I am going to pass out. Progress!!

Here is a quick little pic I snapped of Stacey's feet and my taped up feet before dance last night...
Now to just get my stamina back....

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