Friday, August 26, 2011

T.G.F.D. (thank goodness for dance)

With all the frustrations that this week has brought. All I could say yesterday was TGFD. Thank goodness for dance. Pounding out my frustrations in hardshoes? Perfection. Emptying my mind of everything else but reels and slip jigs? Fantastic. Laughing over silly things. Stacey's sexy laryngitis voice, Julie's super sweet pink tape, and Mary's utter fascination about how wrong things have been taught? Wonderful. 

 For the 2 hours I was at dance last was easy to forget the minor (and major) things that have been bugging me. Instead I got to focus on nailing the rhythm in my hornpipe step. Keeping my feet turned out on my treble jig run. Pointing my toes on my leaps in my slip jig.  Not looking at the ground during my reel. That was what was important and totally occupied my mind. 

Thank goodness for dance.

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