Friday, August 12, 2011

Back at it!

Last night was my first night back at dance in... almost 3 months. It was awesome. Seriously. I mean, I was crazy out of shape...and sore from my waist down...and my feet were so taped it was like wearing an extra pair of socks... but it was awesome.

hello, hardshoes. I've missed you!
First of all... it was fabulous to see all my dance people again. All the adult ladies (and gent) and all the younger girls... it was awesome to catch up with them all. Stacey and I both celebrated that we made it through class (she hasn't been all summer either). And its amazing to see how some of the younger girls really change in 3 months. They all look so much more grown up. Crazy. And yes, I totally understand how old that makes me sound.
Second of felt great to get my feet back into my shoes. To start working on some new blisters and get back into the swing of dance. Sure, during warm-ups, every time I left the floor I was a little afraid of coming back down... but I worked through it. And it will only get better and easier the more I am back at dance.
hooray! new blisters!
The best part of the night was that we have a new(ish) teacher for our Prizewinner class. This isn't saying that we haven't had great teachers in the past (because I love, love, love Jules - Cyn - and Karagh) we have an official, every week, same time, same person - teacher. MARY!!! Mary used to dance for our school. Then she left to tour with Celtic Legends... then she fell in love and decided to move to Pittsburg... but now she's back! Back for good!! And teaching. In class last night, in the first 5 minutes my muscles were burning, and it felt good. She totally understands my fears returning after my broken foot, so all her criticisms were for things I can work on - without pushing myself to injury. I find myself inspired to dance and practice again.
Irish dance, how I've missed you!!

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  1. YES! WE MADE IT! And I am seriously still sore. Worth it! Glad to see people too and catch up over Yogurtland! Love you!