Monday, July 18, 2011

'Twas a scorcher

But that didn't stop Jay and I from having a jam-packed weekend. It rained a lot last week... and that carried into Friday night as well. But, the best part about rain in Colorado? It tends to look like this when its raining:

Which is alright by me!

Friday night, Jay and I headed out for a sushi dinner and then out to listen to some live jazz and have a few drinks. The sushi, as always, was delicious!  The jazz... was actually very good. We went because a friend of Jay's is the drummer. A few drinks, some good jazz music ended up being a great night out!

The Green Notes
On Saturday it was MISS HEATHER'S BIRTHDAY!!! Too bad she is gallivanting around Europe and so we didn't get to take the fun birthday trip I had planned. But whatever. :) Instead, I celebrated another friend's birthday. At none other, than WaterWorld!!! (No, not the terrible Kevin Costner movie)

racing slides!
It was a fun day...although by the end we were all a bit red, and hot, and tired of the crowds.

Sunday was a bit more lazy. Jay and I headed over to his friend's house to watch the final of the Women's World Cup. Stressful game that is was disappointing to see the U.S. Women lose. They are a great team... Although, it was nice to see Japan win with all the hopes of their nation resting on their shoulders.

Not the craziest of weekends, but busy and fun. Looking forward to a break from this heat (sometime? anytime? Buehler? Buehler?)...

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