Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer fun!

I have been a bit slow to post... but better late than never, right?? Right.... Well first, this last Tuesday, a friend I haven't seen in years came into town for a visit. Miss Miranda!! Hooray! Miranda left Colorado for the rainy city of Seattle. Its been a few years since she's been gone, but it felt like it hadn't been long at all. After the catch-up on each other's lives... it was like we'd never been apart! I miss you!!
The rest of the week was pretty unexciting, except for the massive amount of rain we've been having here. Normally, by this time in the summer, Denver and the rest of Colorado is dry. Like, everything is brown. DRY. But, for some reason... its been rainy. And humid. And rainy. And did I mention humid? So very strange for Colorado.
post-afternoon shower. Still sunny.
This weekend, Jay and I headed down to the Renaissance Festival!  I haven't been in a few years... and it was just as much fun (if not more so) than I remembered!  
There are always great, funny shows. Fantastically yummy food.  Interesting and skilled vendors.  And the people watching, is the BEST EVER.  Since Jay and I got to the festival right as they opened, we were able to wander around for an hour or so before dealing with a lot of crowds.  Right about the time the crowds started taking over... we headed over to the first show. Which is always, by far, my favorite. The show was the Washing Well Wenches.  The show is about 2 women, washing women, who use the crowd as part of their show. Mainly, the men in the crowd. Its pretty funny... but the best part about this show?  The fact that Jay got dragged up on stage in order to win me a prize. Seriously.

Jay and the other poor volunteers
Jay and 2 other men were pulled up on stage. In order to win the prize, they were each tasked with something to do in order to win their prize. The first gent? (Man on the far right) He had to run to the back of the audience (which is the middle of the road with all the vendors) and then beat on his chest (caveman style) and yell, "I AM AN ANIMAL!" and then run back down to the stage. The man in the middle had to chase after one of the wenches, screaming, "I want you, I need you, I love you!"  Can you see where this is going? So... Jay's task? Take a giant pair of tighty whities, run to the back of the audience, put on the undies and yell, "IN MY MAN PANTS, I CAN DO ANYTHING!" Yes, really. It was awesome.
Jay in his man-pants

Jay claims his prize (he's taking a flower from the wench's mouth)
I was laughing so hard, I was crying. Of course, it turns out that once Jay made it back to the stage, he had put the giant man-pants on backwards. The wenches asked who claimed him. I eagerly raised my hand. While laughing. And crying.
Jay and his/my flower prize
The rest of the day was not nearly as exciting. But still a lot of fun nonetheless. Jay and I tried out the hammocks...
And I even got Jay to try on a kilt!

The weather ended up being great, and the little rain we got in the afternoon just cooled everything down. It was a fantastic time!!

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