Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Making up for lost time?

My boot has been off for a whole month now. So... I feel as though now that I can move around without that monstrosity, I have been taking advantage of the Colorado summer!
This past weekend, we kicked everything off with a little family picnic/BBQ at my aunt's house. My cousin was in town for a visit... and its always great to see him!
On Saturday... Jay and I headed out the Bandimere Speedway for the 2011 Mile-High Nationals. For those of you not in Colorado... Bandimere is a drag racing track set in the foothills near Redrocks outside of Denver. It lends to some beautiful scenery! It was a hot, hot, hot, scorching day. But Jay and I slathered on a ton of sunscreen, grabbed our earplugs and hunkered down to watch some fast, not-so-fast, and ridiculously fast cars. We even got to meet up with some friends!
standing behind the starting line

old school racers

Jay and I... feelin' hot hot hot!

the LOUD racers

never heard a crowd cheer for clouds before
friends! Sam and Mary-Margaret!
this is the empty shell body of a car. It popped right off during the race!

carrying the body off the track
A little sunburn, some definite exhaustion... but a fantastic day out in the sun! We followed it up with food... and happened upon some TRIVIA! Jay and I love playing trivia. Team Strange Brew was lurking in the middle the whole game... and at the end...
Second place!! (photo courtesy of
We totally swooped in to Second place! Missing 1st by 2 points. An exciting way to end our long, hot day!
Sunday was definitely more of a lazy day for us. The only thing on the agenda? HARRY POTTER!
HP is awesome
Jay and I just couldn't wait to see the final installment of HP. After part 1 came out, Jay was intrigued to know what happened next... so I gave him the whole series to read. And he did. Now he's an official Harry Potter fan/addict. The movie was fantabulous. Go. See. It.

To round out the summer weekend (although it really was a work day) Monday night we headed out to Redrocks for Film on the Rocks.  They show a different movie (new or old) out at the amphitheater every week. Monday night's movie? The Goonies!!!!!!
a little pre-movie entertainment

Jay and I are ready for the movie


All in all... I would say we've packed in a lot of things. And we still have a month of summer to go!!!

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  1. HOW DID I MISS YOU???!!! We were at Film on the Rocks too! Wasn't it fun?! Iwas in the middle with a large group of people and I thought it would be impossible to find you :(

    I'm glad you saw Harry Potter!!! I've been so busy! Let's chat about it and come up with a Harry Potter Marathon sleep over!!! I can't wait!

    It looks like you guys would get sunburnt no matter how much SPF you lather on! That's the gift of being from the British Isles and Ireland :) Haha!

    Congrats on 2nd place! If you go this week, let me know! I'd love to join!