Monday, June 6, 2011

Being crafty...and a birthday celebration

So... while I am out of dancing and running commission, I have been trying to keep myself busy and distracted. This is my goal for two reasons, 1) so I don't go out of my mind with boredom and 2) so I don't eat myself to 500lbs. I think these are good goals, don't you?

My first order of craftiness came when Jay found an old (from his youth) sweatshirt from his dad's Alma mater.  While Jay didn't spend much time in his birth state as a kid, he likes to remind me all the time, that he is not a Coloradoan. He is from Texas. Sigh. Regardless, instead of letting him throw out the too small sweatshirt, I transformed it into something more useful.

Looks good on his couch :)
 My second project was for my beautiful friend Claire's birthday present. Happy Birthday Claire! Obviously she has already gotten said present, otherwise I wouldn't be posting the pictures. Talk about a surprise spoiler.  A couple years ago, I had made myself a jewelry picture frame to hold all my earrings (as they get jumbled and tangled so easily).  Claire had asked for the same. So... I picked up a plain wooden frame, had Jay help me pick out the gorgeous turquoise color, found some great polka dot ribbon and whipped one up for her.
Claire's jewelry frame
 I had also decided to make a yummy treat for Claire's bday party... and the chosen recipe was PB cup cheesecake squares.
Chopped up PB cups
 The finished product was soooo tasty. So much so, that I am now loved and hated by members of Claire's family. :) The squares were the perfect size that they had everyone coming back for one more...and just one more... and one last little one...
the finished yumminess
 I had also put together a little photo collage for Claire. Since she is leaving CO for Chi-town at the end of the month. I felt she needed to take her friends with her. I dug up some old pics... including this one from Sophomore year of college.
the trio
 And this one from our time studying abroad. This was taken when Claire came to visit me in Glasgow while she was in London. We took a bus trip to St. Andrew's and I was pretty sure I was going to be the first person to die of a hangover.
 There were so many pics to choose from that I now have lots of extras that didn't make it into the collage. Regardless... now Claire has a little bit of home and some great memories to take with her. Love you, Claire!
at Claire's bday this weekend. :)


  1. Never stop being this adorable!!! EVER!!! Thank you for MY crafty birthday gift! XOXO!!!

  2. I love the pillow, Stacey's present, AND---more than anything---my presents!!!! I think your amazing cheesecake squares made me gain 5 lbs. Every pound was worth it.
    Love you!