Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What I've been doing

What have I been doing? I have been celebrating my grandma's 89th birthday, with her, my mom and my brother. Always nice to spend time with family. Happy Birthday Nana!
Grandma and mom
 The long weekend was much needed. It was great to have 3 days off to sleep in... and not do a whole lot (unless I wanted to).  Jay and I popped in to see my mom on Saturday. We headed to the craft store so I could work on a birthday present for a very dear and wonderful friend who has a birthday coming up... and is leaving for Chi-town. Jay and I went out to dinner at a variety of places over the long weekend as well. Yummy food! On Sunday, Jay went and played golf, while I spent that time being crafty and making all sorts of goodies (pictures to follow once the gift has been given). Then, Sunday afternoon, we headed to the park to have a picnic! A great way to be outside without my broken-ness being a hindrance.
our picnic spread, fruit, guac, hummus, potato salad and pasta salad!

beautiful City Park

hi babe!
 Sunday evening was spent at the local bar and grill, sitting outside on the patio enjoying cold beers and people watching. Very relaxing and entertaining all at the same time. Monday... Jay and I kicked off our extra day off with Waffle Brothers for breakfast.  Denver-ites... if you've never been here, go check it out. DELICIOUS. Seriously.
Jay's Waffle choice
 Jay picked a waffle that came with fresh strawberries and caramel sauce, pecans and whipped cream. Very tasty. I chose the waffle that came with bananas, walnuts and nutella. Because you can never go wrong with nutella.
A bit of a sweet way to start the day, but we love checking out new food places. And this one was totally worth it. The rest of the day was spent hanging at a BBQ thrown by Jay's tattoo artist (they've become buddies with how much time Jay has spent at the shop) and cooking up a birthday meal for Jay's mom. All in all... a good weekend!

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