Thursday, May 26, 2011

Consider this my downtime

I haven't been updating much... or really, at all for obvious reasons. I mean, broke my foot a week and a half ago, right? So I consider this my downtime.  Downtime? I don't really know what that is. Most of my weeks are spent going, going, going. Dance on Mondays and Thursdays, girls night on Tuesdays, date night with my man on Wednesdays and then the weekend...
So, what have I been doing with my downtime? Not a whole lot. I've been a bit of a hermit, not socializing with people outside of work and my man. But I will get out, I promise! I am finally off my crutches and now get to walk around wearing an uber sexy black walking boot.  This is both good and bad. The good? I get to take it off to shower. Which means I don't feel like half my leg is disgusting like I did last year when I broke my other foot and they casted it. The bad?  Major blisterage on my heel. Apparently, the boot wasn't fit right when they first put it on, so my heel got to rub, rub, rub on the back so much it wore down the padding and started to wear through the actual boot part. Thankfully...duh da da duh! My mom came to the rescue with some extra padding. I am finally feeling better when walking... and it was never my foot that bothered me!
Jay and I have been trying out some new food places while I am out of dancing commission. On Sunday we headed to Marco's for pizza. I have heard great things from my dancer buddies, and I am glad we tried it!
Last night, we hit up a different type of cuisine, Mexican, by heading to El Diablo. I had also heard great things about it and the food... and once again the recommendations were spot on!
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For dessert... we headed across the street to Sweet Action for tasty ice cream. It was perfect for after dinner...
soooo good!
This weekend is a long weekend. Originally, Jay and I had planned to head up to Buena Vista and go camping and rafting. That is not going to be happening... the camping part we may try later on in the summer... but sadly, no rafting. So... it will be interesting to see how we fill this weekend. Perhaps painting Jay's place? Perhaps going for a drive in the mountains anyway? Perhaps having a picnic in the park? Who knows! But I am looking forward to have time to figure it out.

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