Tuesday, April 26, 2011


its just one of those days. The kind where the weather is not sure what it wants to do, so it fluctuates between 50s and sunny and 40s and cold and windy. Sometimes it rains... who knows?

Sometimes its one of those days that you reach into your closet to grab shoes for the day (I tend to walk to work in tennis shoes and change into my heels) and its not until you get to work that you realize that you grabbed Brown shoes to go with your Black pants and deep Purple shirt.
yes, brown shoes. Go me.
 But sometimes its the little things in the day that make it alright. Like finishing off the last of this yummy deliciousness. Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread! I made a loaf over the weekend for Easter and am happy to say it turned out beautifully.
Jay told me that mine looked even better than this before I let it rise some more. :) It was my first attempt at making bread of any kind... and I am happy to say that I will be trying it again sometime soon!

courtesy of JoytheBaker.com

And... the brightest part of the day? The arrival of my brand-new Kindle. My beautiful friend Claire has raved about her Kindle, here: Dear Kindle and on multiple other occasions. After much research, and a lot of convincing by Claire... I purchased one. I figured it would be a great long term investment... especially considering how often I go out and purchase books. I am an avid reader!
So... this pretty little new toy arrived today. I promptly downloaded 12 FREE books that I had ordered on Amazon (prior to its arrival). And now... I wait patiently for the charging to be complete and I can take it home and read. And read. And read some more. I will be back to update you on how well I love this new toy.

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