Monday, April 18, 2011

sometimes its the random happenings that are the most fun

This weekend was jam-packed and fun filled! Despite my ever lingering cold (curse you!) I took full advantage of the beautiful weather and the weekend! Friday night started out with a Mammoth game with Anne and Josh. It was their first Mammoth game ever! And... I am pretty sure they are hooked. We'll be dragging them back again. And again. And again. The Mammoth won their game! Hooray! So we headed out for some drinks after the game... during our drinking sesh, Anne and I came up with the BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME IDEA EVER! No, I am not telling what it is. But since we literally have months before Halloween... its going to be great.

our little group!
 Saturday was going to be a busy day... so Jay and I made sure to eat a yummy and delicious breakfast. Yum! I had blueberry-granola-walnut pancakes. Oh yes...
 After a quick stop at the dance studio for a little choreography practice (we have a show coming up in May), Jay and I met up with the awesome Miss Claire and our friend Sol for some outdoor lacrosse.
lacrosse at Invesco!

Claire and I soak up some rays
 We were at Invesco Field to watch our DU Pioneers take on Ohio State... GO Pios!!!
 It was a really, really nice day out. Warm sun, cool breeze... perfect for the game!

Jay and I

hello, friends! Claire and Sol
 After the game finished (DU won!!) we all decided to continue to fun... and go putt-putt! I do not do well at putt-putt (usually  mini-golf, bowling and pool are all pretty bad) but I love a good adventure!
what a weird group
 Jay was our official score-keeper. Since only he and Sol knew how... and Claire and I were just there to hit balls around. :)
 The boys had their stances and their practice swings. But continued to look on in awe as Claire and I just whacked the balls and they ended up closer to the holes.

 Somehow... at the end of the day... I WON!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously. I kept the score card and everything. It was awesome!!
taking a victory lap on my giant lizard
The group of us headed to dinner and stuffed ourselves silly. Then it was home for the night. Whew! Can't wait to do it again!! Re-match? Anyone? Anyone?

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  1. dude! I can't believe you won! Way to kick some silly boys at their own game. and I love the victory lap on the lizard you crackhead. :)