Thursday, April 14, 2011

A bunch of random stuff....

Despite the increase in posts over the last week or so, there are a few little things that I have totally forgotten to post about. For example... I got new glasses! Hooray! The last pair was from Sophomore year of college...and even though I don't wear my glasses that often (I like my contacts) I like wearing them at work where the air is super duper dry.  This was the first time picking out new glasses without the input of a friend or family member, but I really like them.
my new glasses!
 Another fun thing... I made a new dance bag. Since sewing is becoming my new, fun, all-consuming hobby, I felt that a customized dance bag needed to be made. I remembered to take pictures this morning, after all my dance stuff was shoved inside, so I hope to get some better pictures that show the bag a little better when its not bulging with crap. I found this great, bright material... and just loved it.  It has a very tropical, hippie, retro feel to it and is totally different than anyone else's bag.
check out the OWLS!
 I added special pockets on the inside to organize my stuff better. There is a pocket just for my competition ghillies (super tight, not stretched out), a pocket for my bobby-pins and barrettes and hair ties (and any other hair or make-up paraphernalia, and a pocket for band-aids and Tylenol/aspirin etc. The bag is wide enough and deep enough for my hard shoes and extra practice ghillies, hair, tape, and anything else I want to cram in there.
custom-made ghillie pocket
 And last, but not least, in the random updates.... Wednesday nights have become a weeknight date night for Jay and I. Up until about a month or so ago... we usually only saw each other on the weekends. Friday through Sunday. This was due to our schedules and normal routines that we just didn't stray from. Now... Wednesday nights Jay heads over after work! I usually make dinner for us (although sometimes we go out) then we snuggle down on the couch and watch random movies or even more random tv. Its a great mid-week break!  Last night, for example, I made steak, potatoes and asparagus for dinner. Steak and potatoes is not that interesting, but its good home-cooked food. :) Then Jay and I headed to D Bar to get some dessert. D Bar is a food place owned by Food Network chef Keegan Gerhard (often seen on "Food Network Challenge")  The desserts at D Bar are not cheap... but OH MY they are good. And worth every extra second I will spend at the dance studio tonight....
I got the Chocolate Caramel Tart... oooey gooey sweetness

Jay picked out the Key Lime Tart... oh so tart!
The combination of my super sweet dessert and Jay's super tart dessert was perfect. We were eating off each other's plates as much as our own. So tasty!!!

And that is it on all the random bits of stuff...

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