Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the Julie purse

So... remember last week when I made this purse? Well, I carried it with me last week, to work, to dance, out to dinner, etc. A friend of mine, Julie, saw my purse and exclaimed, "I want one just like it! Make me one?" So I said sure. I had found this great patterned fabric during one of my perusals of Hancock, but it was a smaller remnant and I wasn't sure how to make it fit a purse pattern. But... I made it work. I think. I hope. So... if it looks terrible, let me know, ok?

The hanging purse

laid out flat
Julie had asked for no pockets and the same purse as I had. So... I didn't add pockets, but I did add a little overflap with button for the closure instead of the ribbon ties I had before. I think it worked out well! And looks cute to boot. Hahaha, I rhymed.

I feel like this purse turned out much smoother than my first. Which makes sense because practice makes perfect, right? Right... which means... more to come! All my friends out there... beware. You're most likely getting a purse for your birthday/Christmas or whatever. Enjoy. Or at least pretend you do ;)

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  1. LOVE it!!! you are an amazing girl!! you never cease to blow my socks off!! or maybe i should blow my PURSE off?? mo mammaa!!